Material Acquisition

Buying recycled plastic in all forms, all quality levels, and all volumes... consistently.

Raw Material Supply

The consistency your production needs at market-leading prices.

Quality Control & Assurance

Hands-on material shipping and oversight from our experienced team.

Emerald Pacific

Emerald Pacific is a high-volume, full-service supplier and distributor of recycled plastic resins with a focus on sustainability and post-consumer (PCR) bale and regrind material.  Offices, warehouses, and processing facilities in the United States and Mexico allow the company to provide efficient, quality assured, just-in-time material supply services to its diverse client base of manufacturers around the world.

Emerald Pacific is different. By promoting long-term relationships and increasing efficiency, we can offer what others don't.

Efficient documentation and a wide-scope of material data.

Top-notch customer service and transportation flexibility.

Expert knowledge of the always-changing commodities markets.

Global network of material suppliers and manufacturers.